Leanne Crow

      We're not really sure what took us so long to include the lovely Leanne Crow? We grabbed a little bio info from her personal website.
"Originally from north England - Sunderland, to be more specific, but I moved down south to London to pursue my modelling career. It seems to be going quite well, so far, which I am happy about! 🙂 Before I started modelling,
I went to college. The first time I went to college, I studied performance arts but dropped out because I didn't have the confidence in myself to perform. The second time I went to college, I studied beauty therapy for two years, but once I qualified I didn't do anything with it - I guess I kind of stopped liking it.
Then, I started working normal jobs, like for call centres and bars, and then I got myself into modelling and I haven't looked back since!"
Leanne is still VERY active, and her personal website is constantly being updated with new &amazing content!

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