Model Interview

What we are looking to do here is simulate a live interview with the questioner being "Off Camera"
Much like a Skype call or webcam session. Only this lets you do this on your schedule.
You can set your camera straight on you or off to the side, What you wear is totally up to you as well.
When you are ready just click the play button and the question will play over your speakers, and then you can respond.
Repeating the process for each of the questions.
So again the goal is for someone watching your completed video, it will seem like someone off-camera is asking you the questions.
Feel free to play the questions in advance so you can be prepared. Also....The last question #7 can be skipped if you want?

Q1: What got you Started?

2: Best Part?

3: Preferred ClipStore?

4: Video Piracy?

5: Tip 4 Success?

6: Best & Worst Experience

7: What's Next for You?


Thank You

Once you have your recording finished. Respond back however we were comunicating and we will provide a link for you to send us the .mp4 file.
It can be raw or edited doesn't matter. We will clean it up for awkward spaces and such, then put our watermark and post in on the site.
I fully imagine you will do the same and post it for sale on your sites(s)
I seriously do want to thank you for your time.